Herzog the Frog Gets His Photo Taken
Herzog the Frog surrounded by Lily Pads
Herzog the Frog

Welcome! Hi my name is JM Almond.  Herzog the Frog is the character I am currently writing about for middle-grade children and everyone who loves a good quest.

Becoming a published author has been an interesting journey. One that one day might make an interesting story of its own. lol

My life’s work has involved children. As Herzog once said there is no religion, no race, no color when you hear a child laugh. He’s quite a ‘plunky’ little frog who surprises even me sometimes. lol

The little green frog has traveled with me on this writing path. His story has changed several times. The  premise of Herzog’s quest has remained. I currently am working with a well known Canadian Author and Playwright who is mentoring me with the project. An opportunity that is both rewarding and challenging, new and exciting. Much like Herzog’s tale, I suppose. lol

Blogging too is something new I’ve embarked on recently. Thus far it incorporates my love of creating healthy recipes in the kitchen. These often come at times when I am learning other lessons in life. I allow the stories to come to me. They seem to have a way of finding me without me having to force them to appear. Have you ever found that to be true?

Then there is Social Media; something I’ve grown into over time. lol My love of photography has carried me along as well as my sense of humor. Herzog has joined me on my own YouTube Channel on a trial basis, kept me company on a new Author page FaceBookook and travelled with me across Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Always the faithful and loyal friend he is! We’ve taken trains, climbed on buses and  driven cars to writing workshops, conferences and author festivals. Someone said recently of us , ‘we never give up’.  Our adventures are found in everyday life and the sometimes out of the ordinary in life.


Thanks for joining us on the journey,

JM Almond

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